Family History Notebook

Timothy Swindall

Ancestry untraced. Assume born England about 1655.

Married Sarah


John, baptised on the 20th of March 1676 in North Farnham Parish, Richmond, Virginia c, 2

Died after 1683

Person ID 01502; WikiTree Swindle-123
John Keogh 1740 - 1817


Timothy was transported as an indentured servant and settled at the head of the Corotoman River, Lancaster County in a claim of 1st May 1678. His son, John, was born two years before this date in North Farnham Parish, Richmond, Virginia.

Map of Virginia in 1630

NB: North is to the right of the map. Click on map for larger image.

A Timothy Swindle, probably the same man, was settled in Corrutuck, Lower Norfolk County, Virginia by Captain Joseph Chase on November 20, 1683.

Corrituck is in the extreme south east of Virginia: part became part of  North Carolina.


Timothy and Sarah possibly migrated as a married couple and settled in Lancaster county. Five years later they were in Corrutuck (Corrituck) Virginia.

1    On May 1, 1678, William Therriat had 1,900 acres confirmed to him in Lancaster County, Virginia which was granted to his father, Dom. Therriat, deceased. One of the persons transported was Tim Swindall. (Note that Timothy could have been transported much earlier than 1678 which was when the grant to the deceased father was confirmed. This is supported by the birth date of  John.

Another (?) Timothy Swindle was one of eight individuals transported to Corrutuck2, Lower Norfolk County, Virginia by Captain Joseph Chase on November 20, 1683.

I repeat my comments on Thomas Swindall, also apparently transported twice.

On the face of it this implies two different Timothy Swindall/Swindles since only one grant should be made in respect of a given transported settler. However 'the headright system was subject to a wide variety of abuses from outright fraud to multiple claims by a merchant and a ship's captain to a headright for the same immigrant passenger.' and 'Headrights were not always claimed immediately after immigration, either; there are instances in which several years elapsed between a person's entry into Virginia and the acquisition of a headright and sometimes even longer between then and the patenting of a tract of land.' (Library of Virginia - notes).

It seems too large a coincidence that two Timothy Swindells should appear within such a short time - especially since Timothy was a relatively rare name at the time. The first Timothy Swindell (&tc) found by Family Search in England is a baptism on the 12th of February 1678 in Parwich, Derbyshire.

2    North Farnham is not far from the Lancaster County border - 12 miles from Lancaster to North Farnham.

3   'Corrutuck, Lower Norfolk County, Virginia' .  At this period 'Corrituck'  ran down the Currituck Sound from the south eastern tip of Virginia through North Carolina to include the eastern section of what is now Hyde County.

4    The 1678 settlement at the head of the Corotoman River / Clapham's Creek appears to have been in the vicinity of what is now known as Whitehouse creek near Millenbeck.

5    Why suggest death date of 1683?


a)    "(To) ... WM. THERRIAT, 3500 acs., Lancaster Co., adj. to head of Corotoman River, 1 May 1678, p. 642. Beg. at mouth of Claphams Cr; adj. Mr. Edwin Conaway, &c. 1600 acs. granted to Dom. Therriatt 18 Apr. 1662; 1900 acs. surveyed in the name of sd. Dom. Therriatt, dec'd., but by reason of the patt. granted to the Lords Proprietors noe patt. hath issued; which sd. land is confirmed to sd. Wm. as being his sonn & heir, & haveing found rights for sd. 1900 acs. (Note: the following names appear:)... Wm. Horsley
... Tim. Swindall,..
(Cavaliers and Pioneers V2. Nell Marion Nugent  p184 - not checked)

b)    "(To) ... JOSEPH CHASE, 368 acs., Low. Norf. Co., in Corrutuck; upon a bay making into the North River, 20 Nov. 1683, p. 340. Trans, of 8 pers: (including) Timothy Swindle ...
(Cavaliers and Pioneers V2. Nell Marion Nugent p271 - not checked)

c)    Family Search, batch number C50538-1